Julie Arnal Based In: Winnipeg
Zoe Barraclough
Based In: Montreal, Quebec & Kingston, Ontario
Research Type: Moving images, Still images, Editorial research
Subject Areas: World War II, Cold War, American History, World History, Politics, Governments, Food
Celina Bell Based In: Toronto
Formats: Documentary Film and TV, Reality Series, Lifestyle, Factual and Current Affairs.
Research Type: Editorial, Character and Content research and development; backed by solid experience as story producer, story editor, writer and field director.
Subject Areas: All
Juan Bello
Based In: London
Web Site: http://www.produccionestriana.com/
Formats: Documentaries
Research Type: Footage and Still Images, Editorial Research.
Subject Areas: Art, History, Biographies, Culture and Heritage.
Pascale Bilodeau
Based In: Montreal
Formats: Television programs and series, Films
Research Type: Editorial, character and content, factual and current affairs, documentary scriptwriting
Subject Areas: Science and environment, climate change, history, biography, arts and culture, human rights, international contents
Laura Blaney
Based In: Toronto
Formats: Documentary and all types of television (series, MOWs, one-offs, etc.)
Subject Areas: Specialize in licensing and clearances for errors and omissions insurance; all types of editorial and visual research
Genevieve Bouchard Based In: Montreal
Isabella Cairess Favaro Based In: Toronto
Formats: Documentaries and Documentary series, Corporate & Advertising
Research Type: Visual Archive Co-ordination/Research; Licensing and Clearances
Subject Areas: Biographies, International & Canadian History, Politics, Arts, Science, Lifestyle
Gina Cali
Based In: Toronto
Research Type: Visual Research
Subject Areas: Science, Medical and Natural History
Brenda Carroll Based In: Toronto
Erin Chisholm Based In: Toronto
Formats: Long-form Documentary
Research Type: Visual Research
Subject Areas: Political and Military History; Biography; Popular Culture
Michael Chong Based In: Toronto
Formats: Documentary and Lifestyle/Reality
Research Type: Finding that one little thing, you cannot do without
Subject Areas: Anything and everything especially inexpensively
Marie-Josée Cléroux Based In: Montreal
Sheila Connolly Based In: Toronto
Maria DeCambra Based In: Toronto
Olena Decock Based In: Toronto
Michelle Demeyere Based In: Toronto
Johanne Desaulniers Based In: Montreal
Odette DesOrmeaux Based In: Montreal
Formats: All formats
Research Type: Visual archive research for television series, long form documentaries, drama and publications, research coordination, rights clearance
Subject Areas: History, Social issues, Biography, Science, Arts and Culture
Elspeth Domville
No Email Available
Based In: Unlisted
Formats: Documentary, Dramatic Series, Feature Films and Advertising
Research Type: Visual Research and Clearances, Talent Clearances
Subject Areas: All
Donna Dudinsky Based In: Toronto
Formats: All Formats
Research Type: Editorial and Visual Research/ Visual Archive Co-ordination/ Rights Clearance
Subject Areas: History, Current Affairs, Biography, Nature, Arts, Science, Lifestyle
Tobias Duggan Based In: Winnipeg
Formats: Documentary and Lifestyle Productions
Research Type: Story, Resource and Visual Research
Subject Areas: Popular Culture (especially music), Social Issues, Current Affairs
Pia Ferrari Based In: Toronto.
Formats: All
Research Type: Visual/Archives Research and clearance, content and development research. Fully bilingual Spanish/English.
Subject Areas: Crime, science, politics, news, current events, LatAm, Factual TV
Marie-Josee Ferron Based In: Montreal
Kathy Fisher Based In: Edmonton
Tanya Fleet Based In: Toronto
Terri Foxman
Based In: Montreal
Formats: Documentary film and TV series for major international broadcasters
Research Type: Experience in archival research, rights clearances, finding compelling characters, thorough background research
Subject Areas: All subjects
Kelley Fry Based In: Winnipeg
Formats: documentary, magazine-style, children's educational
Research Type: archival, visual research, including clearances, content research
Subject Areas: History, biography, current-educational, nature, arts
Sheila Gamblen Based In: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Web Site: under construction
Michèle Garceau Based In: Montreal
Formats: All Formats
Research Type: Visual Research and Rights Clearances
Subject Areas: History, Political, Social Issues, Science, Biography, Popular Culture, Arts, Entertainment
Lee Anne Gillan Based In: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Formats: Documentary, Feature Film, Television, Museum Exhibitions
Research Type: Visual research, licensing and clearances, story/content/character research.
Subject Areas: History, Crime, Science, Game Show, Art
Elena Gyureva Based In: Montreal
Roy Harris Based In: Toronto
Danielle Heifa Based In: Toronto
Michèle Houle Based In: Montreal
Formats: TV and editorial
Research Type: Editorial and Visual Research in French, Spanish, English languages
Subject Areas: Open to all subjects
Kristina Howard
Based In: Toronto
Formats: Documentary Film and Television, Reality Series, Lifestyle, Factual and Current Affairs
Research Type: Visual Research, Content Clearance
Subject Areas: All
Karen Hunter Based In: Toronto
Liz Hysen Based In: Toronto
Formats: Documentary film, television and all formats of published material
Research Type: Archival & clearances services; Editorial & Visual research; clearances for all media types
Subject Areas: Music, Architecture, Archival permission/co-ordination with government & university archives with expertise in photography, architectural drawings and special media
Liz Ikiriko Based In: Toronto
Trish Jagger
Based In: Edmonton
Formats: Documentary, Narrative/Drama, Web Content, Print Resources
Research Type: Visual research for all television & film formats, educational/curriculum resource development (print, web, & video based), script editing & story development, copyright research & clearances.
Subject Areas: Education, Arts-based Historical and Archival research (particularly visual arts, film, and photography), Travel, Life-Style, and Popular Culture.
Pierre-Alexis Jasmin Based In: Montreal
Emma Kehayas Based In: Toronto
Formats: All
Research Type: Development, editorial and visual research and clearances
Subject Areas: Music, history, science, pop-culture
Elizabeth Kelly Based In: Toronto
Isabella Kempf Based In: Toronto
Doug Kirby Based In: Halifax
Subject Areas: News, Current Affairs, Film, Stockshot, Program, Film, Entertainment, Agriculture & Resources, General Media Archives, Photographic stills
Elizabeth Klinck
Based In: Toronto
Web Site: http://www.elizabethklinck.com
Formats: All Formats
Research Type: Editorial and Visual Research and Music Clearances
MaryJo Lavelle
Based In: Toronto
Web Site: http://www.getstock.com
Formats: Photo Stills, Video and Toronto Star Page Licensing.
Research Type: Visual Research, Archives, News Editorial, Current Affairs, Documentary; Commercial Licensing of Toronto Star Content including still photos, video and pages.
Subject Areas: For over 120 years, the award-winning photographers at Canada’s largest daily newspaper have captured events and newsmakers from across Canada and around the world. The collection contains significant local, national and international news, sporting and entertainment events blended with business, travel and lifestyle imagery.
Julie Lofthouse Based In: Toronto
Laura Lucas
Based In: Collingwood
Web Site: http://www.bigpictureresearch.com
Formats: Savvy with most digital assets both HD and SD. Experienced with digital asset management. Have worked with analog formats including: film, 2-inch, 1-inch and Betacam-SP.
Research Type: Visual Research, Music Clearance, Talent Clearance and Print Permissions
Subject Areas: Special focus on News/Current Affairs, Children's Programming and history projects. Am currently focused on the emerging field of Digital Legacy.
Celeste Mackenzie
Based In: Ottawa
Formats: General research and clearances: video, photos, text and music. Able to research in English, French and Spanish. Very familiar with Library and Archives, Ottawa.
Subject Areas: All areas, with specialization in Latin America.
MaryRose MacLachlan
Based In: Salt Spring Island, BC
Web Site: http://www.mrmassociates.ca
Formats: Print (trade, educational, and professional) and online educational resources
Research Type: Visual Research, Licensing and Clearances
Subject Areas: All subject areas, particularly science, literature and language arts, history, health, anthropology, and social issues.
Ann MacLeod Based In: Toronto
Nancy Marcotte
Based In: Montreal
Formats: All kind of Documentaries and Series
Research Type: Editorial, Visual, Musical and Rights Clearances
Subject Areas: Historical, Scientific, Political and Lifestyle
Jack Martin Based In: Toronto
Amy Mayor Based In: Toronto
John McCartney Based In: Toronto
Maggie McCaw Based In: Toronto
Julietta McGovern Based In: Toronto
Lynn McIntyre Based In: Toronto
Kathleen McKenna Based In: Toronto
Formats: Documentary, drama, film
Research Type: Visual Research, Licensing and Clearances
Subject Areas: Various (especially Canadian history, literature, politics and popular culture)
Claire McNabb Based In: Toronto
Sylvia Mezei
Based In: Montreal
Formats: All formats
Research Type: Copyright research and clearance, image and music
Sophie Moreau Based In: Montreal
Leslie Morrison Based In: Toronto
Hugh John Murray, M.A.
Based In: Montreal
Formats: Writing, development and production services in documentary, docu-drama and reality television.
Research Type: Proposal and grant development, archival footage and image sourcing, and editorial / content research and directing in historical, political, science, social, arts-culture, life-style genres.
Pictured Left: In France
David Nadjari
Based In: Toronto
Formats: TV, Documentary, feature films
Research Type: content research, visual research, editorial, archival, rights clearance
Subject Areas: History, current affairs, social issues, environment
Jivan Nagra Based In: Toronto
Formats: Long-Form Documentary, Documentary Series
Research Type: Visual Research
Subject Areas: History, Politics, Popular Culture and Literature
Hope Nicholson Based In: Toronto
Charlotte Odele Based In: Toronto
Formats: Documentary
Research Type: Editorial/Character/Story Content/Producing
Subject Areas: Social/Political Issues, Arts & Culture, Current Affairs
Lynn Osborne-Way Based In: Toronto
Paul Patskou Based In: Toronto
Research Type: Sports Research & Video Archivist
Subject Areas: Hockey, Football, Baseball
Catherine Pelchat Based In: Toronto
Monica Penner Based In: Toronto
Formats: Documentary, Feature, Print
Research Type: Visual Research and Music Clearance
Subject Areas: All
Karine Perron
Based In: Montreal
Web Site: http://www.madamekarine.com
Marc Pitre
Based In: Montreal
Web Site: http://www.cca.qc.ca
Formats: Web Production and Multi-platform Applications, Museum Exhibitions, Print and E-book Publication, Film, TV and Music Rights
Research Type: Development, Editorial, Visual Research & Music Rights Management
Subject Areas: Architectural Works, Design, Landscape Architecture, Photography, History, Popular Culture
Ralph Plastino
Based In: Toronto
Web Site: http://www.ralphplastino.com
Formats: Print, e-book, Multi-media
Research Type: Still Image, Film, Audio, Text - Specializes in non-stock content sourcing - Content Development - Assignment/Setup Production Rights&Clearance Sourcing undocumented and orphaned works Data Management
Subject Areas: All subject matter to fulfill the content requirements of Education, Lifestyle, Trade, Advertising etc
Colin Preston Based In: Toronto
Tom Puchniak Based In: Montreal
Formats: Long-Form Documentaries.
Research Type: Editorial & Visual Research. Also Write & Direct.
Helena Raposo Based In: Toronto
Research Type: Visual/Archive Research, Licensing and Clearances, long form documentaries, television series, TV biographies incl. Muhammad Ali
Subject Areas: History, Arts, Entertainment, Politics and Social Issues.
Francine Ravel Based In: Toronto
Paula Sawadsky Based In: Vancouver
Melina Schoenborn Based In: Montreal
Web Site: http://www.melinaschoenborn.com
Formats: All Formats
Research Type: Editorial and visual research, documentary, print, online publishing, rights-clearance
Subject Areas: Art-culture, history, geography, social issues, life-style
Julie St-Pierre Based In: Toronto
Melody Tolson Based In: Toronto
Thea Toole Based In: Montreal, QC
Formats: Web content, television series and long-format documentary
Research Type: Visual Research and Clearances
Subject Areas: All subjects, with specialty in history, science and popular culture
Janet Torge Based In: Montreal
Ben Travers Based In: Toronto
Anita Turcotte Based In: Toronto
Shiren Van Cooten
Based In: Toronto
Web Site: http://www.b-kwe.ca
Research Type: Visual, Editorial, and Copyright Research and Clearances: image, footage, and music. Experience as Producer/Director. Ability to work in French and Spanish.
Subject Areas: Visual and Editorial Research; Licensing and clearances for errors and omissions insurance.
Danielle Villeneuve Based In: Toronto
Sam Vint
Based In: Winnipeg, MB
Formats: Documentary, long form and TV series.
Research Type: Editorial/Visual research and rights clearances.
Subject Areas: Politics, Sports and Aboriginal issues both historical and current.
Kathryn Waugh
Based In: Toronto
Web Site: http://www.musicmatters.ca
Formats: All formats.
Research Type: Music research, licensing and clearance; Visual research, licensing and clearance.
Subject Areas: All subjects; specialize in music, pop culture, arts and entertainment.
Mia Webster Based In: Montreal
Formats: Television, publications, Internet
Research Type: visual (and content) research
Subject Areas: Documentary, reportage, fiction - arts, history, health, womens issues, travel
Margaret Williamson Based In: Ottawa
Web Site: http://www.margaretwilliamson.ca
Formats: print and digital media, photography exhibitions
Research Type: still photo research, licensing and clearances, photo assignments, photography project management
Subject Areas: general, news, history, geography, science, nature, environmental issues, the Arctic, international development
Talia Wooldridge Based In: Toronto
Alex Yanofsky Based In: Montreal
Darren Yearsley Based In: Toronto
Formats: Television, Internet, Publications - Text Books
Research Type: Visual Research and Clearances
Subject Areas: Documentary, Historical and Contemporary